4 Trends in Managed IT Services for 2020

March 2, 2020

Technology continues to advance, helping businesses operate more efficiently. With new technologies come opportunities and challenges that managed IT service providers can help businesses handle.

Many small businesses do not have the in-house resources to fully defend their operation or to use these new tools effectively. 

At Lodestar Technology, we have worked for years to support businesses and other organizations in Alabama and Mississippi as their IT needs evolve. We have provided a brief list of trends that will affect managed IT services over the next year and beyond.  

Cybersecurity Is a Growing Issue

One of the biggest concerns facing all organizations with even rudimentary online technology is cybersecurity. 

Cybercriminals, rogue nations, and other entities are coming after the low hanging fruit of smaller businesses. The onset of 5G will provide a wealth of new opportunities for sophisticated criminals to breach poorly defended systems. 

As businesses rely more heavily on artificial intelligence, added security headaches will go along with the substantial benefits.

Solutions include better training for staff on how to avoid inadvertently allowing entrance to malware. Companies should also get business-grade anti-virus protection.

Fortunately, consultants in managed IT services can help businesses and other organizations bar the door and keep out malefactors.

Technology as a Service Rather Than a Product

One of the key changes coming to business technology lies in organizations turning to subscription services. Traditionally, the business buys the technology, purchases upgrades, and contracts out for training and repair.

Increasingly, businesses can save time and money by contracting with companies providing full technology services. You rent or lease equipment and they take care of upgrades, service, and sometimes even training.

Some managed service providers offer help with ordering, installation, and repair, as well as other managed IT services, helping to elevate your company's capabilities with a well-maintained IT infrastructure. 

Automation Is More Prevalent

Automation will continue to affect American business. East Asian nations have seen tremendous success in placing these tools in manufacturing, fleet management, and other operations. 

Machine learning and Internet of Things technologies have helped manufacturing facilities increase both production and safety. They create consistent results and can also identify potential problems before they emerge.

Smart fleet management, for example, improves efficiencies and reduces waste. Internet of Things technology tracks driver miles and fuel usage in real-time. In the near future, more companies may choose vehicles without drivers that are controlled from a main hub.

Managed IT services puts these functions into the cloud. AI-based systems proactively identify and solve problems while alerting human supervisors.

Outcomes-Based Services Improving

Companies and other organizations rely more heavily on field-based technicians to provide answers to complex technology problems. Businesses offering these products and solutions understand that their field people need the tools and flexibility to offer them. They use excellent client care to build bonds of reliability and trust.

Technology is transforming from a product-based field to one that is service-based. Subscriptions to enhanced services are slowly replacing ownership of equipment.

Technicians performing fieldwork also grow familiar with clients and their technology needs. They can offer advice on issues like upgrades and other important topics.

Moving to outcome-based services cements relationships between IT services and clients. They come to appreciate and respect the support provided by consultants and technicians alike.

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