Introduction to Lodestar Technology Inc.

November 19, 2019

The team here at Lodestar Technology Inc strives to support small- and medium-sized businesses experiencing different types of technology challenges. 

Most businesses operating in the United States today rely upon digital-era technology. Increasingly, artificial intelligence and other automated systems process payments, manage payroll, monitor company fleet movements, and more. 

While technology increasingly assumes more functions of modern business practice, the knowledge and skills needed to get the most out of it lag behind. 

We have over four decades of combined work in information technology, 30 combined years in law enforcement, so you can trust our experience to meet your computer services or security needs.

Who We Are

As a small business ourselves, we have a passion for supporting others just like us.

We understand that a number of small businesses must turn to technology to maintain or to create a competitive advantage. In our experience, many businesses invest in the right technology, but lack the resources to conduct proper training. They may also require longer periods of time to figure out how to install or assemble the equipment or software that they need.

Lodestar Technology Inc. works with businesses and other organizations to help them to get the most out of their technology resources. We bring our decades of experience to every job, ensuring that your company has its technology challenges handled by staff with real world expertise.

Services We Provide

Losestar Technology Inc. provides a wide range of services, each geared to getting your business or organization’s digital equipment up and running quickly.


Our hardware services can start with equipment choice consultations.  A lack of industry knowledge occasionally leads to costly decisions, such as when a small town library branch purchased a $20,000 enterprise-level router.  We assist by advising on technology acquisition that fits the scale, scope, needs, and aspirations of your business, without overspending on things you don’t need. 

Another field in which we provide support is computer system assembly.  We can save staff time after a major purchase or an office move by putting together computer systems in a timely fashion, to help your team get back to work quickly.

Our hardware services also include advising on scanners, printers, and other equipment pieces.


We work with major software companies like Microsoft to develop solutions for the unique challenges of each business. Our team will engage with yours to determine what would best suit your needs. 

After purchase, we can also assist with installation and training.

Protection From Cyber Threats

Malware continues to ravage computer systems and data caches around the world. No matter how big or how small the target, criminals work to break down defenses and steal data with great success.

Our partnership with ESET gives you access to advanced and sophisticated defenses against viruses, ransomware, and other forms of malware. 

In today's cybersecurity world, criminals no longer only seek major targets. They thrive on attacking organizations with lower levels of security. We keep your systems and data from becoming low hanging fruit for criminals.

Physical Asset Security

You need to ensure that your physical assets remain safe and secure, both inside and outside of business hours. We can help to provide this security and peace of mind. Lodestar’s trained team of technicians can install burglar alarms, security cameras, and work with you to develop and implement protocols for access control. 

We also offer our clients access to basic support and service from our trained technicians. When your computers or other technology experience trouble, our team can help to get it straightened out quickly. 

Reach Out Today For More Information

Call us today to learn more about how Lodestar technology Inc. can help you to get the right technology for your organization, then advise on installation, training, and more. Our professional and friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions that you may have or also schedule a consultation.

Don’t spend too much on the wrong technology or let the right systems go mostly unused. We can help you get what you need and make the most from it. Call today. 

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