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December 23, 2019

Most businesses and other organizations increasingly rely on IT management services to support both core and peripheral functions. 

Traditionally when IT equipment and systems grew in complexity, organizations either hired an in-house expert or trained an existing staff member to “do computers.”

This just doesn't cut it anymore, as today's rapidly advancing digital environment requires dedication to proactively staying atop of developments. 

We have seen many companies save significant amounts of time and money by contracting IT out to businesses, such as ours. They trust our experience and expertise to handle their problems quickly and capably.

Below we have listed some of our broad spectrum of IT support services. 

Tech Support

Lodestar provides expert tech support services. We can perform troubleshooting tasks, do basic installations and repairs, assist with software, perform light training, and more.

Companies rely on our experienced technicians to get their office back up and running when routine IT problems occur.

Hardware Repair Service

Hardware repair is a key aspect of our tech support service.

Our team can repair shut-down hardware of many types. Whether an internal component wore out, a piece of hardware was damaged during a move, or the device came into contact with a harmful substance, we can help to repair your machinery and get your organization back to work quickly.

Evaluation and Installation

Trust our team to not only install and repair hardware, but also to provide valuable advice. We will make sure you achieve a solution that matches the size, scope, and purpose of your operations.

The most important part of hardware acquisition is “right-sizing.”  We can help you avoid extra costs by choosing exactly the right equipment for your organization’s needs.

Software Consulting and Installation

Just as with hardware, our team can help your organization to choose the proper software for your needs.  

You need hardware that really supports your organization. We have decades of combined knowledge of both hardware and software. Let us put that experience to work for you.

Physical Security Products and Services

Lodestar offers some of the most advanced security system equipment available. We work with the most respected partners in home and business security to feature burglar alarms, security cameras, access control, and more.

Backups to Systems

Failures happen. Power goes out. Computers stop working. Individuals make critical errors. 

Even worse than this, online criminals may target your systems and wreck havoc on your operations. 

This is why your business needs backup systems. Our team can help you achieve reliable backup that keeps your business safe, secure, and operating at its peak.

Cybersecurity Systems

All organizations are vulnerable to digital criminals and saboteurs. Stolen data can be big business in the criminal world, and hackers are expert at finding what they want.

Lodestar provides your business with the latest in cyberprotection to ensure that your data remains safe and that criminals can not hold your systems hostage.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about what Lodestar can do to provide IT and security support. Our team has decades of combined experience in a number of fields that can enhance protection of digital systems and structures. 

Our professional and friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions, or to help you set an appointment and get started with us.

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