What A Remote Support Tech Can and Can’t Do

June 25, 2020

Remote tech support has become increasingly common within the last decade and is a central component of small medium-sized businesses looking to protect their sensitive data and keep their technologies operating smoothly.

But what, exactly, is it? And, most importantly: how can it help keep your business safe and moving during prosperous times and times of uncertainty?

What is Remote Tech Support?

When you think of tech support, what springs to mind? Maybe a call center in another country, or another computer or prerecorded options on the other end of the line? While these stereotypes can be true, they are far from the norm.

Human tech support operates via remote support software and IT tools that enable an IT support specialist or technicians to connect to a computer from another location, virtually anywhere. In short, an IT specialist elsewhere is able to prevent and solve your computer’s issues from another location. All this takes is a secure internet connection to bring the support specialist’s knowledge and skills to your device.

Once connected, the specialist can navigate your device as if they were sitting beside you, exercising complete control to fix the issues on your device. It may take some time to find the issue, but keep in mind that not all problems are immediately visible. These technicians can:

  • Delete adware and spyware
  • Install and run updates
  • Scan for viruses and install virus protection
  • Provide temporary file cleanup
  • Defrag your hard drive

Not All Issues Can Be Solved Remotely

While remote support can solve and prevent many issues, it cannot resolve all issues. Although many computer problems are limited to software, hardware issues do occur and can lead to disastrous consequences and, at the very least, prevent your computer from functioning properly—if at all.

If your computer experiences a hard drive or another hardware issue, a remote IT specialist will not be able to assist, since the problem stems from a physical (and crucial) component of your computer. Moreover, it may not be immediately apparent to your remote specialist where the issue is coming from and may require that an in-person IT specialist explore your laptop’s hardware to find the problem and provide a solution.

So, while remote IT specialists can help you prevent and resolve a number of software issues and provide key support services, they cannot readily assist with hardware (or, physical) problems going on with your computer.

Rely on Lodestar Technology, Inc. for Unrivaled Tech Consultancy Services

Choosing remote tech support services is a huge decision for your business. And, while it’s crucial to have remote help when you need it, knowing you can rely on expert, in-person support for hardware and other issues is just as important.

Lodestar Technology, Inc. is proud to offer our clients in Alabama and Mississippi years of experience and unrivaled knowledge to help keep their devices and businesses moving. Our passion for providing clients the support they need allows us to not only solve problems but prevent them before they emerge. Whether it’s a software or hardware issue, or evaluation and diagnostic need, Lodestar can resolve your problem. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Find out how remote tech support can help your issues—and its limitations
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